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Quality Quilts

Quality Quilts You’ll Love

When you think of quilts you might think of that old worn blanket that hangs over your grandma’s couch.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used as a decorative piece or something to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

You might think quilts are a dime a dozen, and that they are all the same and have the same value.  However, the most valuable quilts are the ones that are handmade from someone who has years of experience in sewing and creating quilts from different fabrics.  These homemade quilts carry a sentimental feeling because they are handcrafted and personalized.

Quilts are made with different designs depending on the creator’s tastes and personality.

Some popular designs are:

Polka Dots:

people love polka dots, and a quilt with just the right amount of dots would fit in well with the feng shui of someone’s home with this type of design. Whether the quilt is used a decorative piece to break up different patterns in the room, or it’s used as a comforter on a bed, polka dots are a popular design for quilts.

Scattered Squares:

This type of design makes for a great looking quilt because the squares come in different colors and sizes, which breaks up the pattern and symmetry of the quilt.  These quilts have squares throughout the quilt and the squares get smaller and smaller towards one of the corners of the quilt.

Tee Shirt:

One of the most trending styles of quilts right now is the mixing of different printed teeshirts throughout the quilt.  Each T-shirt has it’s own square, and the shirts that are used usually have some sort of sentimental memory that people want to remember.  This makes for a great gift for a family or friend who has played on sports teams.

Everyone should own at least one quilt, whether to hang over the couch or to use on the bed.  A quality quilt can last you a long time and will be a piece that you want to take through different moves and changes in life.